Beautiful Workshop Results:
January Workshop

We will be offering two wire wrapping activities for our first workshop of 2018.  

​​First, Dave will offer WIRE WRAPPING 101 for newbies and those who need remediation. This will cover types, metals and gauges of wire, tools needed in wire wrapping and the basics of make bundles and wrapping them. Time permitting we will make a pendant using a cabochon and copper wire. Kits will be available for $5.00.  

​​For experienced wire wrappers, Vicky will lead a project on free style wrapping of a cabochon. This is for intermediate to advanced wire wrappers.  Vicki will have stones & copper wire for sale. If you bring your own wire you will need to use 20 or 21 gauge square wire. Stones can be cabs or any flat type stone or bead.  This project takes a lot of wire. If your stone is 3 inch circumference you will need 4 wires 9 inches long. That is Circumference X 3 X 4 pieces. It will be a total of 36 inches of 20 or 21 gauge square wire. Use formula above for the size of your cabochon. You will also need about  2 inches of half round 24 gauge wire.  This takes time and patience. (Vicki will have stones available for $3 to $4 each. Square wire will be 20 cent a foot and half round will be free.)         

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