Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Bracelet by: Allan Elliott made at William Holland Lapidary Shcool

Beautiful Workshop Results:

Workshops 2024

Our Wednesday classes are from 11-4:00 in our room at the Mary C. All are welcome! 

Saturday workshop 7/13/24: Barbi Beatty will be teaching a wire Beaded necklace with chain. Kits will be available for $10.

10" beading wire

8" worth of beads (your choice) 
15" chain

2 crimp beads with covers
1 clasp of your choosing 
2 jump rings


Two pairs of plyers to close jump rings, crimping pliers, flush cutters, & ruler

John Guglik will be available to test stones and metals.

Machines: Members of our tool committee will be available to help with cutting and cabbing gemstones. As always, we will have the club machines available for metal & gemstone testing, gemstone cutting, and cabbing. There is a $3 tool maintenance fee to use the machines.

Wednesday workshop 7/17/24: Harvey Marcum & Barbi Beatty will be teaching how to cut a cabochon.  The class will be $35 plus a $5 kit fee. It is open to the public @ The Mary C. O'Keefe.

(everything provided.)